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Class Warfare

Any discussion of fairness seems to trigger voices on the right like Congressman Paul Ryan or Congressman Michael Grimm to invoke “class warfare.” They are on to something, we have been experiencing class warfare for at least the last 40 years, unfortunately for Ryan and Grimm, the data seems to suggest the war has been on the middle class.More Info >


A Brief History of Deficits

The voices on the right constantly complain of the burden on our nation caused by the deficit. They warn of the impact it could have on our future credit rating and our future in general as a nation. The irony here is while the right spews hours of platitudes on tv and radio about tax and spend democrats it is actually the republicans who have trouble controlling their spending. More Info >


The Great Money Making Conspiracy The Rest Of Us Call Truth

It was recently reported that 74% of republican senators deny the validity of climate change science, and 53% of republicans in the house hold the same view. It’s incredibly refreshing to see a significant Republican figure like John Huntsman speak out in the name of science.More Info >
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