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180 Alert: AAN Launches “Thank Republicans For Protecting Medicare” Campaign

Staten Island Advance Joins Hundreds of Newspapers Nationwide In Launching New Grimm Humor Section

A new campaign by the American Action Network seeks to get seniors to call in support of their Republican congressman and senators to thank them for "fighting to protect medicare." The Staten Island Advance contained an ad from AAN in what is apparently a new Grimm Humor section for the paper. It must be a new humor section because the idea that Congressman Grimm is fighting for Medicare is hilarious.More Info >

7 Ways Congressman Grimm Has The Budget All Wrong

Congressman Grimm had it all wrong when he voted to support Paul Ryan's budget, and after the recent town halls, he went from bad to worse. As a small business owner living in Bay Ridge, the economic downturn demands a fact based approach, not an ideological one. Here are 7 ways in which Congressman Grimm has got it all wrong.More Info >

A Radical Jobs Proposal

One Simple Step To Solve Our Unemployment Crisis

The jobs numbers just came out and they are at best dismal. We added just 54,000 jobs. So many of us are unemployed or underemployed that I don’t need to explain to you how important job creation is during this recession. Let me offer my radical jobs proposal. It’s so unthinkable, so impossible, yet so easy and 100% effective…and it doesn't involve the government.
More Info >

Bank Transfer Day: A Guide to Moving Your Account

The description and goal of Bank Transfer Day is straightforward: If you currently have checking and savings accounts (deposit accounts) with a big bank, the organizers encourage you to remove all of your funds, close your accounts, and place your money in a new deposit account with a not-for-profit credit union or local bank.More Info >

Benjamin Franklin And Marty Golden Couldn’t Disagree More

Why The Brooklyn DA Race Matters As Much As Any This November

To summarize Senator Golden's argument, the recent incident on the West Side highway where a motorcycle gang terrorized Alexian Lien and his family is the reason to support Joe Hynes. The subtext here is be afraid, scary things happen in this city. Mr. Golden seeks to leverage that fear as the reason to support stop-and-frisk in it's current form and therefore Charles Hynes.More Info >

Better Ways To Occupy Our Time

Why We Should Be Doing More Than Police Crackdowns

Much has been made and said about the Occupy movement in the last two months, but not much has been done. Our media and our government have largely feigned ignorance as to the source or cause of the Occupy movement. Increasingly we find a more determined dialog, but the real question is why has it taken so long and why did it have to come to occupation to start the conversation?More Info >

Dare to Dream?

Is The Last Shuttle The End Of America’s Dreams?

Early yesterday morning the final Space Shuttle mission concluded with a textbook landing in the early morning. This event marked the end of an era, the end of a program, and a major turning point for NASA. But I can't help but find myself wondering is it the end of America’s dreams? More Info >

Electing Trump: A Failure of Common Sense

An Open Letter To Middle Class Families Like Ours

I have to admit that I wasn’t worried in the days leading up to the election. I was so confident in the common sense and basic decency of families like ours that I truly believed Trump would lose in the largest landslide our nation has ever seen. Common sense would rule the day, obviously I was wrong.More Info >

Ending Government Dependent Upon Special Interests Alone

Why We Need A Fair Elections System To Get Big Money Out Of Politics

In the Federalist Papers one can find that the Founding Fathers, when creating our more perfect union, intended to create a government that was dependent upon the people alone. Yet our current system is one that has become almost entirely dependent upon special interests, lobbyists and the .01%. We even have a term for it, we call it "pay to play."More Info >

Facts Matter, We Should Consider Them When Setting Policy

6 RIght Wing Lies About The Debt Ceiling Crisis

Stupid, ridiculous, disappointing, disgusting. When asked by the Washington Post and Pew Research Center to describe the debate in just one word, these words and others like them are how Americans described the debt ceiling and budget talks. More Info >

Former Lawman Seeks To Make It Easier To Break The Law

Congressman Grimm Introduces Bill To Weaken Whistleblowers

As a former FBI agent and a lawyer one would think that Congressman Grimm (R NY-23) would have a healthy respect for the rule of law, but his recent whistleblower proposal puts that notion to rest. Congressman Grimm’s recent proposal would seek to undo the mild reforms put in place by the Dodd-Frank whistleblower bounty program.More Info >
Sandy Home and Destruction

Hurricane Sandy

One Thousand Miles Wide, 18 Days Long…And Counting

Last weekend I had the opportunity to help with the cleanup on Staten Island after Hurricane Sandy. Not until you find yourself on the ground, in the middle of the aftermath, can you really get a sense of what this storm was like and how it has affected people's lives. House after house, family after family we helped them clean up and continue their own personal recovery process. More Info >

Hurricane Sandy: A Christmas Appeal For Help

1,000 Miles Wide and 51 Days Long and Counting

Christmas is coming and we need help NOW...we will not be able to put out food in the coming days as we approach Christmas, and in the weeks and perhaps months to come without help. If you can donate money, supplies, or your time please do. if you know of food venders, grocery stores, bakeries, butcher shops, or anyone who can donate please reach out to them. We are counting on you because so many families impacted by Sandy are counting on us.More Info >

Is 3% Too Much To Ask?

How Doing So Little Would Help So Many

As the republicans continue to make unrealistic demands in exchange for raising the debt ceiling, and President Obama continues to offer unbelievable concessions to the republicans without putting up much of a fight, I'd like you to consider this number, 3%.More Info >

Is That All That Is Left Of The American Dream?

More Than Failed Policy, It’s Failed Vision

When you look into the faces of your children and grandchildren do you dream of a future of tax cuts and deregulation? Is this really the cause behind which all Americans are to align themselves as we march towards the next great chapter of American history?More Info >

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

The Republican Party Has Done Nothing, Nothing, Nothing...And Worse

"Jobs, Jobs, Jobs" it's what House Speaker John Boehner said was the number one issue of the 2010 election. It's the one thing I can confidently say that I agree with John Boehner on, jobs, American jobs are the number one issue facing us as a nation. This fact begs the question, why haven't the Republicans done anything to promote job growth since the 2010 midterm elections? Why if the election was about "jobs, jobs, jobs", have the Republicans done nothing, nothing, nothing?

Worse than nothing, the republican party has actively sought to undermine American jobs, American wages, American workers and the American economy.
More Info >

Labor Day Reflections

Looking Back At The Hard Work Of "The People’s Candidate" Tea Party Congressman Michael Grimm

Tea Party Congressman Grimm has spent much of his first year in office working hard for HIS constituents. HIS campaign contributors and corporate supporters must be pleased. As the "people's candidate" returns to congress the people would ask that he consider working equally hard for the people of Brooklyn and Staten Island.More Info >

Making A List And Checking It Twice

2011 The Year That Wasn’t

Yesterday Eric Cantor when speaking about the Payroll Tax Cut Extension said "People across America are scratching their heads, wondering what Washington is doing." This is just the latest example of what is arguably the historically greatest do nothing congress we have ever seen. In the middle of the greatest economic downturn since the great depression the GOP / Tea Party response has been to do nothing. Their response time and again has simply been "no". More Info >

Marty’s Golden Opportunity

How Marty Is Making The Wrong Marriage Equality Move At The Right Time

It goes without saying that Marty is wrong on the issue of marriage equality but even if he were right the smart politician would at least consider the numbers. Poll after poll shows that for the first time in our history, a majority of Americans support marriage equality. More Info >

Money In Politics

The Case For Why It Is The Issue of Our Time

We don't need to see facts to convince us, we know, deep in our core, that our system is out of control. We know that there is too much money. We know that there are very powerful forces at work influencing decisions. We know that often the best decisions are being killed in favor of no decision or worse yet the wrong decision.

Will we choose to paddle hard back to shore or will we be carried away by the raging torrent of money that is flooding our political system?
More Info >
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