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On The 10th Anniversary Of 9/11 A Moratorium On The Word “Heroes”

Asking Our Politicians To Mean What They Say

As the 10th anniversary of 9/11 approaches we're already seeing the retrospective TV shows and there are sure to be thousands of events across the country this weekend to mark this tragic day. No doubt we'll hear politicians and pundits alike lauding the praises of our "heroes" of 9/11. I'm asking that they don't.

If you are not prepared to treat them as heroes, then please don't say the word.
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Labor Day Reflections

Looking Back At The Hard Work Of "The People’s Candidate" Tea Party Congressman Michael Grimm

Tea Party Congressman Grimm has spent much of his first year in office working hard for HIS constituents. HIS campaign contributors and corporate supporters must be pleased. As the "people's candidate" returns to congress the people would ask that he consider working equally hard for the people of Brooklyn and Staten Island.More Info >

The 180 Alert

How The Things Said On The RIght Couldn’t Be Further From The Truth.

It goes without saying that politicians on all sides have a tendency to bend the facts to fit their rhetoric. A little lie here, a little lie there, it’s common knowledge and accepted. There seems to be a new approach that pushes this to the extreme. I’d like to introduce you to the latest right wing weapon I call “the 180.” Increasingly we find our friends on the right saying things that aren’t just lies, but literally are the complete opposite of the truth.More Info >
Debt Ceiling - July 26, 2011

Staten Island & Brooklyn Working Together

To Rebuild The American Dream

A growing group of Americans are taking to the streets and are engaging in creating the kind of change we want and need for our country. There are so many issues that need fixing, not the least of which is the way our naton’s politics get done. But rather than complain, or sit at home frustrated, we here in Brooklyn and in Staten Island have decided it’s time to do something.More Info >

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

The Republican Party Has Done Nothing, Nothing, Nothing...And Worse

"Jobs, Jobs, Jobs" it's what House Speaker John Boehner said was the number one issue of the 2010 election. It's the one thing I can confidently say that I agree with John Boehner on, jobs, American jobs are the number one issue facing us as a nation. This fact begs the question, why haven't the Republicans done anything to promote job growth since the 2010 midterm elections? Why if the election was about "jobs, jobs, jobs", have the Republicans done nothing, nothing, nothing?

Worse than nothing, the republican party has actively sought to undermine American jobs, American wages, American workers and the American economy.
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Facts Matter, We Should Consider Them When Setting Policy

6 RIght Wing Lies About The Debt Ceiling Crisis

Stupid, ridiculous, disappointing, disgusting. When asked by the Washington Post and Pew Research Center to describe the debate in just one word, these words and others like them are how Americans described the debt ceiling and budget talks. More Info >

Please Think: Republicans You Are Acting Like Anything But Conservatives

5 Key Facts About The Debt Ceiling Crisis

It’s difficult to believe that we are still talking about the debt ceiling crisis at this late hour, yet somehow the “debate” over raising the debt ceiling continues. Here are 5 quick points to consider about this increasingly troubling crisis.More Info >

Is 3% Too Much To Ask?

How Doing So Little Would Help So Many

As the republicans continue to make unrealistic demands in exchange for raising the debt ceiling, and President Obama continues to offer unbelievable concessions to the republicans without putting up much of a fight, I'd like you to consider this number, 3%.More Info >

Dare to Dream?

Is The Last Shuttle The End Of America’s Dreams?

Early yesterday morning the final Space Shuttle mission concluded with a textbook landing in the early morning. This event marked the end of an era, the end of a program, and a major turning point for NASA. But I can't help but find myself wondering is it the end of America’s dreams? More Info >

Pretending To Be Serious

Republicans, The Debt Limit And The Deficit

Yesterday Eric Cantor while arguing for Cut, Cap and Balance on the floor of the House said “We implore the other side to get serious.” The irony of a man who personifies a party that is anything but serious, lobbing criticisms across the aisle, while arguing for a bad piece of legislation, that will never pass the Senate is, well, perfectly ironic.More Info >

Rebuilding the American Dream

Bay Ridge Gets In The Fight

On Sunday an energized group of 15 citizens from Bay Ridge and Brooklyn joined with over 25,000 other Americans at over 1,500 Rebuild the Dream events nationwide. We spent about two hours getting to know and understand each other’s perspective on the American Dream and then we got down to the business of discussing and debating the key issues of our day.
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Please Think: Mitch McConnell

Looking To The Founding Fathers For Guidance

Mr. McConnell you are a person of power, a person of privilege. What you say matters. What you say influences people. You are one of the leaders of our nation. These things being true it’s in our nation’s interests that when you act, when you speak, you please think.More Info >

The Myth That America Is A Center Right Nation

Celebrating Our Independence From Another Right Wing Falsehood

With the birth of our nation fresh on our minds it seems like the right time to bask in the glow of the rocket’s red glare as the myth of America as a center right nation explodes in front of us. The question for our republican friends is, if we are a center right nation, why are you so afraid of people voting?More Info >

Marty’s Golden Opportunity

How Marty Is Making The Wrong Marriage Equality Move At The Right Time

It goes without saying that Marty is wrong on the issue of marriage equality but even if he were right the smart politician would at least consider the numbers. Poll after poll shows that for the first time in our history, a majority of Americans support marriage equality. More Info >

A Radical Jobs Proposal

One Simple Step To Solve Our Unemployment Crisis

The jobs numbers just came out and they are at best dismal. We added just 54,000 jobs. So many of us are unemployed or underemployed that I don’t need to explain to you how important job creation is during this recession. Let me offer my radical jobs proposal. It’s so unthinkable, so impossible, yet so easy and 100% effective…and it doesn't involve the government.
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Former Lawman Seeks To Make It Easier To Break The Law

Congressman Grimm Introduces Bill To Weaken Whistleblowers

As a former FBI agent and a lawyer one would think that Congressman Grimm (R NY-23) would have a healthy respect for the rule of law, but his recent whistleblower proposal puts that notion to rest. Congressman Grimm’s recent proposal would seek to undo the mild reforms put in place by the Dodd-Frank whistleblower bounty program.More Info >

The Supreme Court Made Oil Companies Citizens, But Who Will Make Them Patriots?

We’ve all shouldered the burden of the economic recession. Some of us have faced unemployment of 9 to 20%. Some of us have seen our 401k plans wither. Others have seen their pension plans drained by the economic downturn. Middle class wages have actually decreased by almost $1,000 in real terms over the last decade. But only a select few of us have had to share the burden of over $1 trillion in profits over that same decade.More Info >

7 Ways Congressman Grimm Has The Budget All Wrong

Congressman Grimm had it all wrong when he voted to support Paul Ryan's budget, and after the recent town halls, he went from bad to worse. As a small business owner living in Bay Ridge, the economic downturn demands a fact based approach, not an ideological one. Here are 7 ways in which Congressman Grimm has got it all wrong.More Info >
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