Please Think: The "People’s Candidate" At Odds With The People Again.

Soap And A Good Scrubbing Are Definitely In Order

Our very Grimm Congressman was at it again yesterday, spouting sheer nonsense and vitriol among the rhetorical right wing talking points he dutifully delivered. If you are going to speak with such force, it's helpful to have the weight of the facts on your side. Yet again our representative failed to follow this simple rule.

Here is a short list of points to help Tea Party Grimm get it right next time:

1. Get The Facts
Before railing against a protest or a group, it's helpful to consider what they might be upset about. In this case, the reality is so glaringly obvious that pretending not to recognize the problem is simply a bald faced lie. All the same, in the event our Congressman really doesn't understand the time we are living in let’s help him out. For the first time in our nation's history the current generation is not expected to do better than the generation before them. The American Dream is in peril Mr. Grimm. I believe we have a right, and in fact a duty, to be concerned.

2. If You Call Yourself The "People's Candidate" Get To Know The People
Congressman Grimm fails terribly claiming he represents the real 99% and that Occupy Wall Street does not. Unfortunately for Congressman Grimm he does anything but represent the 99%. First there is all of the legislation he has proposed but beyond that there is the reality of who was at the rally. First, as one of his constituents, I know my neighbors, and many of them were at the rally, and all of us are employed. But beyond anecdote the fact remains that the rally last night was the largest rally in support of OWS yet. Couple with this the fact that the rally was organized by labor and Staten Island has the highest percentage of union membership of any community in the nation, it quickly becomes clear that the 99% he represents were at the rally in support of OWS not in support of his incendiary claims.

3. The Herring You Offer Shouldn't Be Too Red
Grimm notes that the Occupy movement has "cost the city and surrounding businesses millions of dollars." He uses this as the reason why Occupy should leave the city. Of course he fails to account for the fact that the "millions of dollars" he is trying to save is on top of the $13 trillion we lost at the hands of the financial meltdown. If you are angry about the "millions" Congressman Grimm, imagine how the rest of us feel about the trillions.

4. Your Talking Points Should Mesh With Reality
If you aren't going to think for yourself, then the talking points you use should correspond to reality. We know Congressman Grimm was using talking points because he spits and growls at the Occupy movement's plan to shutdown the public transit system, a myth we heard throughout the media and from every right wing source all day. Of course this didn't happen, because it was never the plan. The reality was that people who support the Occupy movement met at major transit hubs across the city to share their stories and ride to Foley Square together.

If you are going to call people "reprehensible…lowlifes" you ought to first have a legitimate reason. When those "lowlifes" are your constituents you might consider saying nothing.

5. Don't Cry Wolf
Grimm goes on to "applaud the efforts of Mayor Bloomberg…managing a potentially violent and destructive situation." We all agree that violence and destruction should be managed. However there is none. The Occupy movement has been a movement of peace, nonviolence and nondestruction since day one. What is remarkable about this is that they have remained peaceful even in the face of obscene police oppression and violence against them. They have remained peaceful even when right wing ideologues tried to incite them to violence. Finally, we have remained peaceful in the face of violation of our first amendment rights, not just of speech, but also freedom of the press, and assembly. Responding to violence that doesn't exist, is just another fear tactic. Stop crying wolf Congressman.

6. When Condescending, Don't Make It So Easy For Us
Grimm finished his adolescent tirade with "it’s time for the OWS protesters to pack up their tents, buy a bar of soap, and head home.”

When condescending it's helpful to not leave the door so wide open for us in responding. We agree that it is time we all buy a bar of soap and use it to clean our congress and our nation of the filthy politicians and corruption that got us in this mess. Someone should start a movement of the people to work on this…it would need to involve the vast majority of people, something like 99% of the population…oh wait, we already have one. Maybe we can start with the 13 Most Corrupt Congressman first.

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  1. By Richard Greve at Excellent response to Grimm's insults and lack of understanding of the OWS movement. Your right on target when you say that it's our Congress that needs the soap, to clean the corruption off of them. We need to reach the closeminded of SI to show them that their interests are not the same as the 1% that runs our government by buying it to serve its interests.
  2. By Bonita Rothman at Like too many members of his Party, and too many Tea Partiers, Congressman Grimm doesn't see the pain or hear the arguments that come to his office from those who didn't contribute to his election campaign. Even when confronted directly Mr. Grimm has told a constituent, "I don't have to pay attention to you. You didn't elect me." To which I say: Your position is not forever, Congressman. One can only hope that your supercilious attitude is likewise of limited duration.

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