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Hurricane Sandy: A Christmas Appeal For Help

1,000 Miles Wide and 51 Days Long and Counting

Christmas is coming and we need help NOW...we will not be able to put out food in the coming days as we approach Christmas, and in the weeks and perhaps months to come without help. If you can donate money, supplies, or your time please do. if you know of food venders, grocery stores, bakeries, butcher shops, or anyone who can donate please reach out to them. We are counting on you because so many families impacted by Sandy are counting on us.

Donate To Our Hurricane Sandy Recovery Efforts

Hurricane Sandy

One Thousand Miles Wide, 18 Days Long…And Counting

Last weekend I had the opportunity to help with the cleanup on Staten Island after Hurricane Sandy. Not until you find yourself on the ground, in the middle of the aftermath, can you really get a sense of what this storm was like and how it has affected people's lives. House after house, family after family we helped them clean up and continue their own personal recovery process.
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