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Current Energy Policy Strengthens Others While Weakening Us.

If the need for a national energy policy is so vital to our nation’s future, then yet again the right has failed to deliver a meaningful or beneficial strategy. Any responsible energy policy would look at responsible uses of today’s energy while developing a comprehensive strategy to move to the energies of tomorrow.

Please Think: The "People’s Candidate" At Odds With The People Again.

Soap And A Good Scrubbing Are Definitely In Order

Our very Grimm Congressman was at it again yesterday, spouting shear nonsense and vitriol among the rhetorical right wing talking points he dutifully delivered. If you are going to speak with such force, it's helpful to have the weight of the facts on your side. Yet again our representative failed to follow this simple rule.

180 Alert: AAN Launches “Thank Republicans For Protecting Medicare” Campaign

Staten Island Advance Joins Hundreds of Newspapers Nationwide In Launching New Grimm Humor Section

A new campaign by the American Action Network seeks to get seniors to call in support of their Republican congressman and senators to thank them for "fighting to protect medicare." The Staten Island Advance contained an ad from AAN in what is apparently a new Grimm Humor section for the paper. It must be a new humor section because the idea that Congressman Grimm is fighting for Medicare is hilarious.

Please Think: This Isn’t The Kind of Exceptionalism We Need

This installation of please think is focused on how exceptional the modern republican party has become. The party that values exceptionalism has truly become exceptional, exceptionally hypocritical.

Labor Day Reflections

Looking Back At The Hard Work Of "The People’s Candidate" Tea Party Congressman Michael Grimm

Tea Party Congressman Grimm has spent much of his first year in office working hard for HIS constituents. HIS campaign contributors and corporate supporters must be pleased. As the "people's candidate" returns to congress the people would ask that he consider working equally hard for the people of Brooklyn and Staten Island.

Please Think: Republicans You Are Acting Like Anything But Conservatives

5 Key Facts About The Debt Ceiling Crisis

It’s difficult to believe that we are still talking about the debt ceiling crisis at this late hour, yet somehow the “debate” over raising the debt ceiling continues. Here are 5 quick points to consider about this increasingly troubling crisis.

Please Think: Mitch McConnell

Looking To The Founding Fathers For Guidance

Mr. McConnell you are a person of power, a person of privilege. What you say matters. What you say influences people. You are one of the leaders of our nation. These things being true it’s in our nation’s interests that when you act, when you speak, you please think.
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