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The idea that religion, being religious, being a good person of high moral character is the explicit domain of one party is as corrupt, confused and cynical an idea as anyone could have. Exploiting religion for personal gain, for political gain, to distort truth itself is as fundamental a misunderstanding of the word as there could possibly be.


Current Energy Policy Strengthens Others While Weakening Us.

If the need for a national energy policy is so vital to our nation’s future, then yet again the right has failed to deliver a meaningful or beneficial strategy. Any responsible energy policy would look at responsible uses of today’s energy while developing a comprehensive strategy to move to the energies of tomorrow.


The Great Money Making Conspiracy The Rest Of Us Call Truth

It was recently reported that 74% of republican senators deny the validity of climate change science, and 53% of republicans in the house hold the same view. It’s incredibly refreshing to see a significant Republican figure like John Huntsman speak out in the name of science.
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