Hurricane Sandy: A Christmas Appeal For Help

1,000 Miles Wide and 51 Days Long and Counting

Hurricane Victim

The storm continues. The volunteers decrease. The supplies are depleted. The need to help victims of Hurricane Sandy remains the same.

As of Saturday 1 of the 2 kitchens that were operating in Bay Ridge to feed Hurricane Sandy victims is now closed due to extenuating circumstances beyond their control. This kitchen was putting out approx 1,600 meals a day to the Rockaways, Gerritsen Beach, Coney Island, Red Hook, and Staten Island.

Sandy Kitchen Volunteers

Fortunately, there is still one kitchen remaining here in Bay Ridge at St. John's. This kitchen is well run and can produce approximately 2,000-3,000 meals a day. With your help we can pick up the slack from the closing of Bay Ridge Cares kitchen, but St. John's is already quickly running out of supplies.

Sandy Food Prep

We need help NOW...we will not be able to continue to provide hot meals in the coming days, as we approach Christmas, and in the weeks and perhaps months to come, without your help. If you can donate money, supplies, or your time please do. if you know of food venders, grocery stores, bakeries, butcher shops, or anyone who can donate please reach out to them. We are mostly in need of proteins and fresh produce.

Sandy Food Cooking

We are trying to work with local government agencies including the Red Cross for help but after several weeks of effort we have yet to receive a delivery. If you have any influence in this realm please see what you can do to get us aid.

Sandy Red Cross

Day by day, week by week, supplies, volunteers and facilities are dwindling but the need continues to be great.

if you know anyone who can help, feel free to have them contact me.

Please send monetary donations to
Bay Ridge St. John’s Kitchen

Donate food/supplies/your time to:
Occupy Sandy Bay Ridge Kitchen
461 99TH ST, BROOKLYN, NY 11209

Thank you and happy holidays to all!

Sandy Police

Here is a list of locations we provide hot meals to on a typical day:

Location / Number of Meals Per Day

St. Camillus / 400
Action Center / 400
Beach 294 / 250
Spanish Far Rockaway SDA Church / 300
Smallwater / 100
YANA / 100
St. Gertrude's / 200
Churck in a House / 50

Emmons & Brown / 75
B100 / 275
B75 / 75
B38 / 150
B of I / 300
Carnaga / 300
Clinton / 50

Staten Island
66 Windom / 300
Olympia Blvd / 300

Sandy Kitchen Deliveries

Reader Comments


  1. By Jennifer Wade at My husband and I are Sandy "survivors" living in Seagate, 300 feet from the ocean's edge. It was a very frightening time and things are still not easy. I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for your efforts in improving the communities and helping with the rebuilding efforts. Great efforts are needed, as sadness and hope rest over the beach communities impacted by the disaster.
  2. By Jamie Kemmerer at We are so glad to be of whatever help we can. There are many of us who are working on this effort so please do know that you are not forgotten. Also, please let us know if there are other ways or better ways that we can be of help and what needs exist beyond food.