Invest In Our Future

Education Is Our Wisest Investment

Like any well run business, our nation needs to constantly reinvent itself and reinvest in our future. "No" is not the answer and failure to plan for the future will not ensure America's competitive edge.

Our future strength, our future ability to compete in the marketplace, and our future ability to innovate solutions to our greatest problems lies in our ability to educate our students today.

Investing in our schools and ensuring that every child in New York has access to a world-class education must be our goal. Highly qualified teachers, smaller class sizes, universal pre-K, increased funding for after-school programs, and more middle schools and high schools in our communities must be our focus.

Higher education must be accessible to students of all income levels. We must oppose decreased funding and increased tuition at our public colleges and universities. Tuition assistance for low-income students should be protected and expanded; getting a high quality education should be an asset not a debt laden burden.

A highly educated and well-trained workforce is our greatest economic asset. Because of the great benefit our investments in education yield, we must make education among our highest priorities.

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For quite a few Saturdays after Hurricane Sandy struck, I went to help out at the Occupy Sandy kitchen set up in Bay Ridge. There was Jamie (joined by his wife Elisha and their baby son Jerome) running the kitchen week after week (long after I could no longer volunteer). This kitchen turned out thousands of meals for needy New Yorkers in a bitter and bleak winter. I’ll never forget what Jamie did for NYC and know how much more he has to give. Elect Jamie - a man of compassion and conviction.
Carolina Leinwand
Not For Sale. Fighting For Us.